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Professional Writing students participate in dining etiquette class

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 by addavis

Students from Writing 310, Writing in Professional Contexts, taught by Jeanine Rauch of UM’s Southaven Campus, joined Dr. Jonathan Harrington’s EDHE Career and Life Planning class to learn how to prepare for and conduct themselves professionally at interviews held in restaurant settings. The experience, facilitated by Dr. Janet Cherry of the University of Memphis, was voluntary for the Writing 310 students, who were asked to engage in interview question analysis and prewriting in order to develop answers to commonly asked interview questions. Students were able to practice their solutions in a local restaurant; many commented on how helpful the experience was for them.

desoto students attend dining class

Students from Writing 310, Writing in Professional Contexts

Writing Centers receive Stage 2 Level 2 CRLA tutor training certification

Posted on: August 22nd, 2016 by addavis

The University of Mississippi Writing Centers received approval for Stage 2 Level 2 certification from the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Program Certification program. Faculty and consultants developed a sophisticated and rigorous training program for new and returning consultants that is standardized among all three campus writing centers. Consultants who complete the training program through the writing centers are now considered Stage 2 Level 2 certified by CRLA.

Visit the Writing Centers section of the website for more details.

DWR Instructors Present at Conference on College Composition & Communication

Posted on: April 19th, 2016 by jsmitch1

20160407_132810At the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication in Houston, TX, Alice Myatt, Jeanine Rauch and Rachel Johnson hosted a panel presentation entitled “Inspiring Action by Enabling Agency in Interdisciplinary Advanced Writing Courses.” The presentation specifically explored the challenge faculty teaching advanced writing courses face of developing and delivering curriculum designed to prepare diverse, interdisciplinary groups of students for writing in upper-level courses for their majors while addressing writing concerns that are common to the academy as a whole — or writing outside the disciplines. Jeanine Rauch, the chair of the panel, presented on strategies for building student confidence through unexpected or unconventional writing activities. These approaches combine to inspire, motivate, and move students to take action, giving student writers the skills necessary to express their thoughts in clear, understandable language. Alice Myatt addressed the experiences of transfer students as well as strategies to encourage students to explore issues in their disciplines that would be served by action-oriented research, thus motivating students to become/think of themselves as active researchers. Rachel Johnson focused on a recent faculty/writing center research partnership on the regional campus, sharing how the results of this collaboration are used to customize/inform course instruction and inspire connections between students’ chosen fields of study and writing produced during the course.