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CompTalk Reading Groups

Fall 2016: Teaching about Race

Contact: Wendy Goldberg


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Day and Time

Discussion Leader



Tuesday, 9/6, 12:15 Wendy Goldberg bell hooks DWR Conference room
Tuesday, 9/20, 12:15 LaToya Faulk Rethinking Racism Winter Inst. Conference Room
Tuesday, 10/4, 12:15 Brad Campbell “Racialized Consciousness” DWR Conference room
Tuesday, 10/18, 12:15 Jenny Jackson “Student Resistance to Cross-Cultural Engagement” Winter Inst. Conference Room
Tuesday, 11/1 12:15 Michelle Bright “Race-ing the Curriculum” DWR Conference Room
Tuesday, 11/15, 12:15 Angela Green “Insider’s Guide Part 1” Winter Inst. Conference Room