Frequently Asked Questions – WRIT 100 and 101

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric now offers WRIT 100, which offers the same credit as WRIT 101. It also satisfies the requirement for taking WRIT 101.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about WRIT 100 and WRIT 101. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send an email message to Someone will respond promptly to your inquiry.

Who is required to take WRIT 100 or 101?

All students, except for first-year Honors College students, are required to take WRIT 100 or 101.

Can students transfer credit for WRIT 100/101 from a junior college or high school?

Students may earn transfer credit by examination for Writ 101 and/or Writ 102 for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, Cambridge International Exams (CIE), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject examinations, or International Baccalaureate (IB) examination based on the University catalog tables. Transfer courses from other institutions of higher learning which equate to Writ 100, 101, or 102 are listed in the University’s online Transfer Equivalency Database.

What are the similarities between WRIT 100 and WRIT 101?

WRIT 100 and WRIT 101 meet the same degree requirements for graduation. Successful completion of WRIT 100 or WRIT 101 is a prerequisite for WRIT 102. Students take either WRIT 100 or WRIT 101, not both.

How does WRIT 100 differ from WRIT 101?

Writing 100 class sizes are smaller, and students attend more one-on-one writing conferences with their instructors than in 101.

What is the class size in WRIT 100 and 101?

WRIT 100 classes are capped at 15 students. WRIT 101 classes are capped at 21 students.

Are there any prerequisite courses for WRIT 100 or 101?

For most students, there are no prerequisite courses. For students enrolled in the Developmental Studies program, successful completion of DS 098 is required.

Do students need to earn a grade of “C” or better to successfully move from WRIT 100/101 to 102?

Students successfully pass WRIT 100/101 with a grade of “D” or better and can then take WRIT 102.

How much writing do students do in WRIT 100/101?

In addition to any daily writing that teachers assign, students are expected to write three papers of approximately three to five (3-5) double-spaced pages, create a multimodal project, and keep a Commonplace Book for reflection. Students are also expected to use the writing process to draft and revise their work.

Is grammar a major focus in WRIT 100/101?

Although the focus on grammar will vary from teacher to teacher, the major aspects of writing – including the writing process, exploration and argumentation, purposes and audience, research, and conventions and mechanics – factor into grading in WRIT 100/101.

Where can students get help with their WRIT 100/101 papers?

In addition to asking instructors for help, students can make appointments at The University of Mississippi’s Writing Centers and meet with a tutor to work one-on-one. Students can find out more about the Writing Center by visiting the Writing Centers website. Writing mentors are also available at the Residential Colleges.

Is there a final exam?

In lieu of a final exam, students compose a final reflective piece for the Commonplace Book.