Department of Writing & Rhetoric and University Writing Centers to host Annual Mississippi Writing Centers Association Conference

Posted on: December 5th, 2014 by addavis

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Mississippi is excited to announce the annual Mississippi Writing Centers Association (MSWCA) conference held in conjunction with UM’s own fourth annual TutorCon in Oxford, MS, on January 29-30, 2015.
This year’s theme, “Lines of Connection, Lines of Communication,” seeks to capture/explore the ways in which writing centers communicate and connect across communities, institutions, campuses, and digital/technological pathways. These lines of communication and connection loop, echo, and build on each other in important and complex ways. As the writing center model expands in Mississippi at the university, community college, and secondary school levels, our collaborations throughout our communities warrant consideration and celebration. Additionally, the incorporation of more and more technology into writing center practices presents both exciting opportunities and complicated challenges for our relationships with the groups we serve.
By staging TutorCon alongside MSWCA, we aim for a conference where administrators, tutors, and students are able to explore these issues together by sharing strategies and experiences, challenging norms, and drawing attention to key areas for improvement.
For more information about this year’s conference, including how to submit a proposal and to register, visit the TutorCon/MSWCA page on our website.