Minor in Professional Writing
The minor in professional writing prepares students to become effective written, spoken, visual, and electronic communicators in a variety of digital, disciplinary, and workplace environments. Students choose their emphases in many classroom projects to complement and extend the knowledge acquired in any major and meet their intended career goals. Special emphasis is given to navigating the terrain of electronic writing environments and social media through portfolio projects and allowing students to develop reflective practices to direct their learning beyond the academy.

Writing Enriched Curriculum Program
The Department of Writing & Rhetoric is pleased to announce the launch of two new programs as part of the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP): Graduate Writing Fellowships and Faculty Seed Grants. One of the goals of the university’s 2009 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is to encourage faculty to integrate writing into the curriculum in ways that teach students not only that writing styles and discourse conventions differ by discipline, but also that writing itself is inseparable from the “ways of knowing” of a particular discipline.

Faculty Writing Groups
Take advantage of the structure and support of scheduled meetings to move you forward with your writing and scholarship by joining a Faculty Writing Group. Empirical evidence shows that faculty are more productive in their research and writing when they write daily, keep track of time spent writing, and hold themselves accountable to others—and Ole Miss Faculty Writing Groups will help you put this into practice

Minor in Digital Media Studies
The Digital Media Studies (DMS) minor is a cross-disciplinary program intended to equip undergraduate students with digital computing, design, and communication skills that complement their primary academic focus and allow them to develop basic web-authoring and programming skills, to critically evaluate digital information, and to apply digital skills and knowledge in multiple fields. The tracks emphasize different but inter-connected paths of digital technology and problem-solving. This cross-disciplinary program addresses a growing academic and employment interest of students. Because it is an interdisciplinary minor, DMS is administered by the Department of Writing & Rhetoric.