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Visiting the Writing Center

About Us

The University of Mississippi Writing Centers, a service unit of the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, exist to help foster the improvement of student writing across UM’s campuses. In addition to the Oxford campus writing center and the Graduate Writing Center, writing centers are also located on the Tupelo and DeSoto campuses. We also offer online consultations to UM students on any UM campus.

The Writing Centers rely upon a conversational, non-directive pedagogy. This means that we believe the best way to improve student writing is to improve student writers; our focus is always on the process, and never on the product, of composition. It is our hope that students who visit the writing center regularly will leave as stronger, more confident writers.

All three of the writing centers are staffed by undergraduate and graduate peer consultants. Our peer consultants are here to help students at any level of study in any discipline. Whether you are brainstorming for your first paper in Writing 101 or completing your senior Honors thesis, writing center consultants are here with open ears and open minds.

To learn more about our individual centers, please select a campus. Otherwise, make an online or face-to-face appointment by logging in to the schedule.

Policies and Procedures

  • All undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in one 30-minute session each day that the Writing Studio is open.
  • All graduate students have the opportunity to participate in one 1-hour session each day that the Writing Studio is open.
  • When making an appointment, students must include a description of the kind of feedback they are looking for and what kind of assignment they are working on.
  • Students must arrive within five minutes of their scheduled appointment. After five minutes, appointments are marked as “no-show.”

Online Consultations