Policies at the UM Writing Centers

Before your appointment with a Writing Center Consultant on any campus or online, please review the following information and policies regarding appointments:

  1. Students may schedule up to three appointments per week.
  2. Writing Consultants will assist students with any type of writing in any discipline and at any phase of the writing process, from brainstorming, to drafting, reviewing and polishing.
  3. Writing Consultants will not simply proofread or edit student papers, but they will assist students with higher order concerns, such as organization, transitions, development, exploration, unity, clarity, and concision, and consultants will foster students’ critical thinking about the effectiveness of the rhetorical choices within their writing.
  4. Students may work with consultants face-to-face or online (if online, please select the Online Writing Center schedule from the drop down menu above).
  5. Students may bring hard copies of papers or digital versions of papers to appointments.
  6. Students should bring assignment sheets and other relevant materials to appointments so that consultants can better assist them.
  7. Students may elect to have a 30-minute or 1-hour face-to-face appointment (all online appointments are scheduled in 1-hour blocks and last for 45 minutes).
  8. The Writing Center cultivates an environment that promotes inclusion, integrity, and safety. We ask that you respect all writing consultants and observe professionalism at all times when speaking with consultants about your work.
  9. Harassment of any kind will result in a suspension of Writing Center privileges and/or the filing of a report with relevant University of Mississippi offices, including the Title IX Office, the Office of Academic Integrity, the UM Police Department, and the Dean of Students Office.
  10. Writing Consultants may not share personal contact information with students. Personal contact information may include personal email addresses, social media account information, personal phone numbers, or other personal contact information.
  11. Asking a Writing Consultant to write part of a paper (or an entire paper), to participate in acts of deception regarding the authenticity of a piece of writing, or to knowingly participate in misleading a faculty member or another tutor will result in immediate suspension of Writing Center privileges and the submission of a report to the Academic Integrity Office. A breach of academic integrity, under any and all circumstances, will not be tolerated.
  12. Upon request, students may receive appointment verification emails to give to instructors.
  13. Students should be actively engaged during Writing Center appointments since the goal for appointments is to think critically and reflectively about writing assignments and to actively consider changes that may improve the rhetorical effectiveness of students’ work.