Faculty Writing Groups

Jointly sponsored by the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Institutional Research, Effectiveness, & Planning.

Take advantage of the structure and support of scheduled meetings to move you forward with your writing and scholarship by joining a Faculty Writing Group. Empirical evidence shows that faculty are more productive in their research and writing when they write daily, keep track of time spent writing, and hold themselves accountable to others—and Ole Miss Faculty Writing Groups will help you put this into practice (Boice 1989, 1997, 2013; Gere 2013).

Writing Groups at Ole Miss

University of Mississippi’s Faculty Writing Groups are jointly sponsored by the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Institutional Research, Effectiveness, & Planning. The Writing Center in Lamar Hall (3rd floor) has generously provided groups with spaces to meet.

Watch this video to meet the new facilitator for UM Faculty Writing Groups, Deidra Jackson!


It can be hard to get writing and research done for any number of reasons. One obstacle that many of us face is that we find it hard to make time for writing— juggling scholarship with our teaching responsibilities and our lives outside of Ole Miss can be difficult. Others find that they can make the time, but they have trouble finding their voice or gaining confidence in that voice. It’s easy to assume that writing and research come easily to everyone but you. It’s not true. Many of us struggle with it.


The model we are following is used in the UK and various iterations of the model work well for faculty at many universities in the US (The Ohio State University, Seattle University, St. John’s University, University of Oklahoma, Elon University). While described in the research literature as “Action Learning Sets” (McGill & Beaty 2001; Brockbank & McGill 1998), we have chosen to call them “Faculty Writing Groups.”

How it works

If you want to participate, you’ll be working in an interdisciplinary group with 3–4 other faculty members, meeting on a regular basis (each group sets its own meeting schedule), setting scholarship goals, and holding one another accountable to those goals. Group meetings are organized and facilitated by a graduate research assistant trained to work with faculty writers, and meetings will be hosted in the Writing Center on the Oxford campus. The peers in your group will challenge and support you as you structure your time, brainstorm how to overcome obstacles, meet your deadlines, and find confidence in your voice. You’ll provide the same kind of supportive challenge to them in return.

If you would like to join a Faculty Writing Group, please contact the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at rhetoric@olemiss.edu and ask for more information.


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Guidelines for Faculty Writing Groups