Department of Writing and Rhetoric

Write Here, Write Now.

Speech 314


Learning Outcomes

Spch 314 provides the student with the opportunity to develop critical thinking, research, limited and timed composition, and oral communication skills. At the conclusion of the class the student should be proficient in:

  • Researching current global policy and value issues.
  • Developing arguments using sound reasoning and evidence.
  • Advocating and refuting ideas.
  • Demonstrating vocal and physical proficiency in performance.
  • Evidencing awareness of self in relation to others in a team and competitive communication environment.


Fifty percent of the course grade is earned through exercises, peer coaching, and practice debates, which prepare students for a final debate. The other fifty percent comes from evidence of competent speaking skills during a final debate, which is presented in front of a panel of guest judges.


  • What are the prerequisites for Spch 314? No prior experience or speech course work is necessary.
  • How large are the Spch 105 classes? Class sizes vary depending on enrollment. Class size are generally between 10-20 students.
  • Where do I get the book required for the course? No book is required for Spch 314. Most literature and evidence texts are available through the Library‚Äôs catalogue of resources or online.
  • Can I take Spch 314 online?
  • Will Spch 314 count as one of my 300-level electives? Please check the most current course catalog and discuss the option with your advisor.
  • Do debate courses from other institutions or AP courses transfer? If you took a debate course elsewhere, please submit a syllabus of the course you took to for consideration.
  • Can I test out of the Spch 314 elective?