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Professional Writing Minor

The minor in professional writing prepares students to become effective written, spoken, visual, and electronic communicators in a variety of digital, disciplinary, and workplace environments. Students choose their emphases in many classroom projects to complement and extend the knowledge acquired in any major and meet their intended career goals. Special emphasis is given to navigating the terrain of electronic writing environments and social media through portfolio projects and allowing students to develop reflective practices to direct their learning beyond the academy.


Effective Fall 2017: WRIT 300 + WRIT 310 + 12 Hours from the following courses
WRIT 210, WRIT 250, WRIT 300, WRIT 301, WRIT 310, WRIT 350, WRIT 398, WRIT 399, WRIT 410, WRIT 415

For students enrolled under academic catalogs prior to Fall 2017, 18 hours from the following WRIT courses: WRIT 101, WRIT 102, WRIT 250, WRIT 300, WRIT 301, WRIT 310, WRIT 350, WRIT 399, WRIT 410, WRIT 415

WRIT 250: Advanced Composition

A course extending the skills of academic writing and research established in first-year writing. Students analyze readings of increasing complexity, write in a variety of genres, construct ePortfolios, compose presentations with electronic tools, and choose their fields of emphases for research projects.
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WRIT 300: Foundations of Technical and Professional Writing

This course introduces students to the rhetorical principles and professional practices of professional and technical writing, particularly the research, writing, communication, analytical, and technological skills needed to succeed within the pro­fessional writing minor and in professional and technical communication careers after graduation.
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WRIT 301: Writing Center Peer Tutoring

This course covers the history and theoretical foundations of and best practices for writing centers and individualized writing instruction
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WRIT 310: Writing in Prof. Contexts

Basic principles of rhetoric and composition applied to professional writing. Rhetoric of the workplace, electronic contexts, page design, research tools and practices, genres and conventions, and professional style. Offered Spring 2017 via compressed video.
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WRIT 350: Digital Writing

Fundamental concepts of the demands of writing for electronic audiences across a variety of platforms, with an emphasis on the interaction of the medium and the message. Offered online Spring 2017.
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WRIT 399: Special Topics

Offered Spring 2017 via compressed video. Topic: Rhetoric of Everyday Life

WRIT 410: Grant Writing

Study and practice in grant and proposal writing in business and organizational settings. Conventions for grant writing in nonprofit settings, consultant writing for proposals, science writing for government grants, small business grant writing. Emphasis on specific genres and transferable rhetorical skills.
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WRIT 415: Digital Rhetoric

This course explores the theoretical relationships between messages and media, and how contemporary theorists have both extended existing rhetorical conceptions as well as created frameworks to understand electronic networks.
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How do I add the Professional Writing Minor to my academic program?

Admission to the minor in professional writing is based on submission and approval of an application. Students must officially apply to the minor after having completed Writ 300 with a grade of C or higher. The application process will consider a student’s performance in Writ 300, overall GPA, and essay on academic and professional goals related to the minor. Students must receive a grade of C or higher on all courses to be applied to the minor. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the academic coordinator, Dr. Alice Johnston Myatt, in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Her email is, and she is also available by phone at 662-915-7678. If you’d like to visit with her in her office, email or phone for an appointment. Her office is located in Suite B on the 3rd floor of Lamar Hall.

For more information about the Minor in Professional Writing, contact the minor’s academic coordinator, Alice Myatt