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Department of Writing & Rhetoric Awards

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric is proud to recognize excellence in our students and in our faculty. Each year, we present several awards for exceptional performance, including awards for writing, for speaking, for peer-to-peer consulting, and for teaching. The recipients of these awards serve as examples of the quality of work we see on a daily basis in our department. We’re happy to celebrate the successes of these individuals and what they represent for the department as a whole. 

To view past recipients or to nominate yourself or someone else for an award, please click on the boxes below. If you have questions about an award, please email Kellye Makamson at

Cynthia Krieser Award for Outstanding Freshman Writing
JoAnn Edwards Award for Public Speaking

Bae Magruder Award for Outstanding Consultant of the Year
X.A. Kramer, Jr. Award for Outstanding Teacher of Writing & Rhetoric
Kevin Malloy Award for Outstanding Teacher of Public Speaking