Frequently Asked Questions about WRIT 102

WRIT 102 is now a themed-based, research intensive writing class.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about WRIT 102. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send an email message to Someone will respond promptly to your inquiry.

What are the themes for WRIT 102?

They are Business, Environment and Sustainability, Food, Literature, and Pop Culture.

What is the difference between WRIT 101 and WRIT 102?

Perhaps the biggest difference is the 7-9 page research paper. However, all the work we do builds off of the work in WRIT 101. We expect students to be familiar with summarizing, analyzing, and arguing. WRIT 102 is a more advanced course as should be appropriate for a second semester composition course. In WRIT 102, we sequence major writing assignments that lead to the research paper:

  • Paper #1 is an analysis of a single text. This can be a response paper to an author’s argument or a profile of a person, place, or thing.
  • Paper #2 is a comparison paper where students weigh two different arguments and synthesize a unique thesis in reaction to these authors.
  • In-class essay is an analysis of one of the articles the student will use for his or her research paper.
  • Paper #3 is the research paper where students will come up with their research question in the context of the class theme. See below (Appendix A) for learning outcomes for the research paper.
  • Multi-modal assignment revises the research paper into another mode.

What is the difference between WRIT 102 and LIBA 102?

WRIT 102 is similar to LIBA 102 in that both fulfill the same requirements for graduation. Students will take either WRIT 102 or LIBA 102, but should not take both. Both WRIT 102 and LIBA 102 have the same course outcomes – that of a research paper in an academic context.

The differences are the following:

  • Only adjunct and full-time faculty may teach LIBA 102. Grad students may not teach LIBA 102.
  • LIBA 102 courses are likewise themed but are more specialized and narrower in focus. For example, one LIBA 102 class could be on film. However, the WRIT 102 pop culture class should be broader in scope and topic. In the WRIT 102 course, students may read about film, television, Internet cultures, etc.
    Further, a LIBA 102 class may concentrate on a narrower theme such as Southern Food, but the WRIT 102 Food class will be broader – though one may discuss the role of food in Southern culture, it cannot be the only focus of the course.
  • For WRIT 102, we also have assigned to each theme subject librarians who have created specific course guides on the library research web pages and will work with you on introducing how to use the library to your students.
  • Any queries about LIBA 102 should be directed to the department ( with LIBA 102 in the subject line.

Are there any prerequisite courses for WRIT102?

Yes. Students should pass WRIT 100 or WRIT 101 before enrolling in WRIT 102. Students may receive credit for the prerequisite if they have taken the Advanced Placement (AP) exam. Details can be found here (
Students are encouraged to talk to their advisors.