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Write Here, Write Now.

Writing 350: Digital Writing

Digital Writing: Perspective, Connective, Creative, Collaborative


This course introduces fundamental concepts of the demands of writing for electronic audiences across a variety of platforms, with an emphasis on the interaction of the medium and the message.

Writing 350 bridges the study of technical communication practice with Web 2.0 technologies and New Media composition. Students in this course will develop the vocabulary and practical skills to create, collaborate on, and deliver digital documents in a variety of media to real audiences and users.

Projects & Deliverables

Students in Writing 350 will engage with technical communication and digital media using a variety of platforms and methods. In Summer 2016, WRIT 350 will be offered online for the first time. This special online offering of Digital Writing will emphasize collaborative writing environments and project management online. Major deliverables will include:

  • Studying, Analyzing, and Developing Infographics
  • Composing documentation collaboratively using platforms such as GitHub, Google Docs, and Wikis
  • Testing and Improving the Usability of Websites
  • Writing for and about Wikipedia articles

Real-World Skills

Writing 350 will give students a primer on technical communication and digital literacy focused on building marketable skills for the modern economy, regardless of the specific field or career students plan to enter. Employers value oral, written, and digital communication skills in prospective hires. A 2006 study found the following skills to be “very important” for graduates:

Skill Percentage of employers who think the skill is “very important.”
Oral Communication 95.4
Teamwork and Collaboration 94.4
Professionalism and Work Ethic 93.8
Written Communication 93.1

Reproduced from Mike Markel, Practical Strategies for Technical Communication, pp. 5


The Summer 2016 WRIT 350 online course will use open educational resources (OER) freely available online and through the UM library. No textbook purchase is required.

Course Offering

Summer Semester 2016
Instructor: Andrew Davis
Web Section 1
Prerequisites: Credit for WRIT 102 or equivalent.