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DWR Online Faculty present at the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators virtual conference

Posted on: February 3rd, 2020 by addavis

Image of the presentation's PowerPoint slide with the presentation title "Virtual Teaching Circles for Online Writing Faculty" along with small photos of each of the presenters. Members of the DWR’s Online/Distance Faculty Teaching circle presented at the virtual conference of the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators on Friday, January 31. The GSOLE conference brings together faculty, administrators, and technologists from various fields to discuss online pedagogy, new technologies, and professional development for online teachers and tutors.

Alice Myatt, Sheena Boran, Keith Boran, Jane Gardner, and Andrew Davis shared the story of the conception and evolution of the Online Teaching Circle as a vehicle for professional development, pedagogical innovation, and faculty advocacy in a presentation titled “Virtual Teaching Circles for Online Writing Faculty: Building Community, Maintaining Visibility, Fostering Innovation.” Each speaker brought a different perspective to the presentation. Alice and Andrew discussed the origins of the teaching circle as a part of the professionalizing of online teaching in the department. Sheena and Keith discussed the transition to online teaching after years teaching face-to-face, and shared how the Teaching Circle keeps them involved in departmental governance and advocates for online students. Jane described how the Teaching Circle has been essential for her as a remote part-time instructor in providing personal and professional support for challenging teaching situations, and Eliot, the newest member of the Teaching Circle, discussed how our collaborative model of online governance differs from his previous institution.

The Online Teaching Circle facilitates course reviews for all DWR online courses. Members of the circle also mentor new online teachers (and those with an interest in teaching online in the future). To learn more about the activities of the Online Teaching Circle, contact Andrew Davis or visit the Teaching Online Resource Guide.