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Guy Krueger Joins Special Interest Group to Shine Spotlight on Writing

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by jsmitch1

CCCC Tampa Logo 2In addition to hundreds of interesting panels related to post-secondary writing, this year’s Conference on College Composition and Communication in Tampa, FL featured more Special Interest Groups than ever.  One of those Special Interest Groups was a meeting to help sketch the beginnings of a conference on writing credentials, such as majors, minors, and certificates.  Guy Krueger, a Core Instructor and the Writing 101 Curriculum Chair, attended the SIG on behalf of the University of Mississippi.  Currently, UM’s Department of Writing and Rhetoric offers a Writing minor, but there is hope for a major in the near future.  An annual (or regular) conference devoted to what credentialing writing currently looks like at different institutions and, more importantly, how students benefit from writing credentials in school, on the job market, and in careers would be beneficial in a number of important ways: teachers and administrators would be able to see how successful programs recruit students, how to best market writing credentialing, what courses are most effective and why, what students gain both immediately and long-term from writing credentials, what standards are currently in place for credentialing, and what the future might hold.  The group ended with plans to work on holding a conference or workshops at the University of Texas-El Paso in 2016 and will maintain conversations regarding planning over the next several months.