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Web Projects

Composing for the web and making websites can be very rewarding ways to explore multimodality. There are myriad tools available for you to build a webpage at any skill level. This kind of multimodal project really asks you to think about what hypertext means, and how it works. How does the arrangement of text on the web differ from text on a printed page? What does it mean to compose a text that isn’t linear? What effect does design have on the rhetorical situation of your text? Is your website accessible? These are all questions you should ask when you start your project.



  • Google Sites
    The platform used for your ePortfolio is great for making other kinds of websites
  • Wix
    A simple platform for creating a website. No coding necessary.
  • WordPress
    Blogging and CMS platform
  • Blogger
    Blog platform from Google; use your Ole Miss Gmail account to login.
  • Tumblr
    Image blogging platform
  • Canva
    Design portfolio and image blogging platform
  • Notepad++
    Free text-editor for working with code.
  • Free CSS Templates
    Free CSS/page layout themes for your custom website (for hand-coded websites)
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
    Everything you will need to start building your website from scratch
  • Twitter Bootstrap
    Boilerplate for building your site from scratch.