Department of Writing and Rhetoric

Write Here, Write Now.

Speech 102


Learning Objectives

  • Apply critical thinking skills through research, script development, and assessment.
  • Develop organizational skills through the speech preparation process.
  • Craft a message using effective language for audience and context.
  • Use research to provide evidence and reasoning for presentations.
  • Develop verbal and nonverbal delivery skills through practice.
  • Apply communication skills to individual and group presentations.


Instructors work with students to develop skills in the areas of scripting, language stylistics, delivery, and assessment (listening to presentations). Sixty percent of the Spch 102 curriculum centers on delivering speeches to a live audience. Students deliver:

  • Two to three special occasion presentations (1-4 minutes)
  • An informative presentation (5-7 minutes)
  • A persuasive presentation (7-8 minutes)
  • A group presentation (time defined by instructor).

Forty percent of the course will consist of assessments and activities such as discussions, journals, peer reviews, etc.


  • What is the difference between Spch 102 and Spch 105? Spch 102 focuses on delivering presentations to a live audience in a variety of civic contexts. Spch 105 focuses on presentations, interviews and group collaboration as relates to professional contexts.
  • How large are the Spch 102 classes? We have a cap of 20 students per section.
  • What are the main requirements of Spch 102? The Spch 102 curriculum is developed around a series of short presentations (under four minutes), two longer presentations (six to eight minutes), a group presentation, as well as various assessments and participation activities.
  • Do I need LaunchPad for the book? Please check with your instructor regarding the options for LaunchPad for A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, fifth edition (O’Hair, Rubenstein, and Stewart)
  • Can I take Spch 102 online? Yes. If taking online, you will need to assemble your own audiences for presentations and have the ability to record and upload quality audio/visual recordings of your presentations in front of a live audience.
  • Am I required to take Spch 102 or 105? Not all majors are required to take Spch 102 or Spch 105. Currently students enrolled in Early Entry or Pre-Pharmacy program, Nursing, Geology, Civil Engineering, and Computer Science (BSCS) are required to take Spch 102 or Spch 105. Many programs list Spch 102 and 105 as a general election option. Please check the most current course catalog.
  • Do speech courses from other institutions or AP courses transfer? If you took speech at a Community College in Mississippi, your credits will transfer. If you took speech elsewhere, please submit a syllabus of the course you took to for consideration. If the course you took appears to have met the same outcomes of our Spch 102 course, your credit may transfer.
  • Can I test out of the Spch 102 elective? We have no test-out option at this time.