Department of Writing and Rhetoric

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Course Offerings

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric is the administrative home for composition and speech courses at the University of Mississippi, as well as the Minor in Professional Writing. On this part of the site, learn about our regular course offerings.

Writing Courses

WRIT 101 and WRIT 100: First Year Writing 1

Writing 100 and Writing 101 are introductory composition courses designed to improve reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Writing 100 fulfills the same degree requirements as Writing 101 but offers smaller class sizes and more individual attention through required student teacher conferences. Students compose several frequent assignments that culminate in an ePortfolio.

WRIT 102: First Year Writing 2

WRIT 102 (First-Year Writing II) is a theme-based, first-year writing course designed to build on writing skills learned in either WRIT 100 or WRIT 101 and develop critical thinking and research skills appropriate for use in academic writing. The course pays special attention to developing argumentative skills, analyzing texts, and synthesizing information into thoughtful, coherent essays and projects.

LIBA 102: First Year Seminar

LIBA 102 is a first-year writing course conducted within the context of a research area within a specific discipline designed to build on writing abilities learned in WRIT 100/101. The course works to develop critical thinking and research abilities appropriate for use in academic writing within a particular discipline.

WRIT 250: Advanced Composition

Writing 250 is an advanced composition course designed to help students further develop the analysis, synthesis, argument, and research skills built in first-year writing in addition to introducing them to primary research.

WRIT 301: Writing Center Peer Tutoring

This course introduces students to writing center history, theories, and practices, prepares them to work in writing centers as peer tutors, and introduces the fundamentals of writing center administration and accreditation.

WRIT 310: Writing in Professional Contexts

Basic principles of rhetoric and composition applied to professional writing. Rhetoric of the workplace, electronic contexts, page design, research tools and practices, genres and conventions, and professional style.

WRIT 350: Digital Writing

Fundamental concepts of the demands of writing for electronic audiences across a variety of platforms, with an emphasis on the interaction of the medium and the message. Web authoring, markup language, social media, remixing, and media convergence.

WRIT 410: Grant Writing

Study and practice in grant and proposal writing in business and organizational settings. Conventions for grant writing in nonprofit settings, consultant writing for proposals, science writing for government grants, small business grant writing. Emphasis on specific genres and transferable rhetorical skills.

WRIT 671: Theory and Practice of Writing Consulting

This course prepares graduate writing fellows to serve as writing consultants to faculty in multiple disciplines, aiding them in conceiving, designing, and teaching writing projects in undergraduate classrooms.

Speech Courses

SPCH 102: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Speech 102 explores the fundamentals of organizing, preparing, and delivering speeches in a variety of public forums. A key focus of the class is the applicability of speech communication to varied life situations.

SPCH 105: Business and Professional Speech

Speech 105 is a practical introduction to the principles and skills of effective communication in business and professional settings. The course includes frequent performances in business situations requiring effective communication practices.